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The structure of our programs allow children to benefit from casual participation through to regular weekly attendance. Our coaches and instructors are highly qualified and experienced in adapting their lessons to suit your child's skill level, development needs and interests.

This Summer, Kids Biz has a variety of Sports, Dance and Art programs to choose from.
With the arrival of Canberra's beautiful Summer weather, now is the perfect time to develop new skills or improve upon established ones. Kids Biz offers expert coaching for children of all skill levels, supported by some of Canberra's most highly regarded junior coaches. Our coaches will work closely with small to medium sized groups to provide an enjoyable and challenging experience for all participants.
Our programs focus on:

> skill development   > rule awareness   > team building   > fitness   > confidence   > FUN!

Programs available this Summer:






Weeks 1, 3 & 5 @ Pearce
Weeks 2 & 4 @ Gungahlin
All Weeks  
Both Locations
Weeks 1, 3 & 5 @ Gungahlin
Weeks 2 & 4 @ Pearce
All Weeks 
Both Locations 
All Weeks 
Both Locations


  Should your child like to participate in a range of programs and activities, this is the option to choose. Whether that be a sporting clinic, dance program or art'n'craft activities this program offers complete flexibility. All participants will be able to choose a different activity at the start of each day.

Choose from the full range of programs each day.

With this option your child can choose to participate in a different activity

each and every day, or stick with one they really like!

  Available Every Day

DANCE - Street Funk/Hip-Hop Now one of Canberra's most popular and respected programs, trained and enthusiastic instructors have compiled an action packed program to suit all skill levels and interests. Participants will receive dance instruction in both street funk and hip hop styles. Children will also have opportunity to create routines and are supported by our expert instructors to develop at their own pace. Our dance sessions are fantastic for improving fitness, flexibility and coordination while building confidence in a relaxed and fun environment.

A variety of contemporary music is available and programs are suitable for both boys and girls.

Positions can fill quickly - please book early.

    Available Every Day

ART'N'CRAFT This program is a mixture of activities for children who are feeling creative and want to try something different. Our instructors will provide a variety of exciting and engaging projects for all participants including art'n'craft, science experiments, drama games, cooking, puzzles, board games and relaxation time. All activities are designed to stimulate and encourage children to interact or further their own personal interests.

Let your child's imagination run wild - and we'll do the cleaning!

  Available Every Day

Our programs are developed in accordance with the My Time, Our Place Framework and the Belonging, Being and Becoming framework for younger children (kinder aged).

*We strongly encourage your feedback and ideas for our programs to ensure we have the variety and direction that best suits your child. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments using our contact us page.

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